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Sept 14, 2022

Meeting: 7:30pm


Muskego Icetronaunts



Alpine Lane

S80W18700 Apollo Dr

Muskego, WI​

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WANTED: Snowmobiler Involvement

We are all starting to gear up for the upcoming snowmobile season but if you love getting out on the trails it's essential for you to get involved with a local club.

Clubs do more than just ride, they help preserve the sport for the next generation by doing the following:

  • Club members build relationships with landowners in order to secure permission for a trail to cross private property.

  • Help brush and mark the trails each season.

  • Organize fundraisers to help raise the needed funds for grooming, maintenance, and insurance.

  • Club members organize snowmobile safety classes to teach new snowmobilers about state laws, proper etiquette, and basic snowmobile maintenance.

  • Most importantly, club members volunteer their time and talents for all of the above so everyone can enjoy the ride each winter.

Contact a club today to learn how you can get invloved.

"With great power comes great responsibility".

The above quote is unforgettable advice Uncle Ben tells a young Peter Parker in the Spider-Man comics and movies, but it's also true when it comes to snowmobiling.
Today's snowmobiles are fast, powerful, and agile. With all that power at your disposal, the temptation to run through some fresh powder is sometimes hard to ignore. You decide to run your sled off-trail with much concern, but that decision can have an adverse effect.

Riding your snowmobile on Wisconsin's snowmobile trail system is a privilege and requires you to be a responsible rider. Your actions can and have resulted in landowners revoking trail access throughout Wisconsin. I'm sure you have seen the Facebook posts from clubs warning about trespassing and trail closures each winter because snowmobilers rode off-trail.

Please share the above video with those you ride with as it is our responsibility, as snowmobilers, to do whatever we can do to preserve the trails we ride on and respect the landowners for the privilege they have granted us. Also, take a moment to
review Wisconsin Snowmobile Laws before your first ride and get involved with a local snowmobile club. If we all do our part, we will continue to have a world-class trail system to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

Video "The Importance of Staying on Trails While Snowmobiling" courtesy of the International Snowmobilers Manufacturers Association,

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Join The Club

There are over 700 individuals and families who are members of one of the 17 snowmobile clubs in Waukesha County.  Club members are snowmobile enthusiasts, like yourself, who are dedicated to promoting the sport, snowmobile safety and maintaining the trail system in Waukesha County.

The benefits of club membership are many. You'll join like-minded individuals who enjoy the sport and its continuation, membership in the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) which represents all snowmobilers on state issues, participate in club rides and activities, received a yearly subscription to Wisconsin Snowmobile News and you qualify to purchase discounted Trail Passes for each snowmobile you own.

If you snowmobile, make it a point to join a club this year. To find a club near you visit our Member Clubs page today.