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WCSA General Meeting & Raffle Drawing:

March 8, 2023

​Meeting: 7:30pm


Sussex Sled Bugs


American Legion Post #399

N50W34750 Wisconsin Ave

Okauchee, WI

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WCSA Announce
Raffle Winners

Waukesha County Snowmobiling Association's annual raffle was held on Wednesday, March 8th at 8:00 pm. We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's raffle below.


Thank you to everyone who bought and sold tickets this year. The funds raised helps the WCSA continue to have a snowmobiling trail system in Waukesha County.


Winners of the WCSA 2022/23 Raffle

  • 1st prize: $3,000 - Barb S. from the Oconomowoc Throttle Jockeys

  • 2nd prize: $1,000 - John T. from Plat 5 Snowmobile Club

  • 3rd prize: $500 - Dan B. from Mukwonago, WI

  • 4th prize: $250 - David D. from Adams County, WI

  • 5th prize: $250 - Ciara Z. from Hart Lake Snowmobile Club

Thank you raffle ticket sponsors

Reimer's Painting Service

Western Culvert & Supply Inc.

Concrete & Brick Specialists, Ltd

Comet Inc.

A.J. Iverson Heating & Air Conditioning


Free Bowling Event For All Youth Club Members

Pioneer Bowl | Richfield | Sunday, April 23

All youth snowmobile club members are invited to join the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association (WCSA) for an afternoon of bowling at the Pioneer Bowl in Richfield on Sunday, April 23 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.  Pizza and refreshments will also be served during the event.

Your family must be a member of one of the 17 member clubs who belong to the WCSA and need to RSVP to Andy Slaby by contacting him at 262.424.5917 or

Please note: For adults wishing to bowl, you are welcome to join in the fun but you will need to pay for your own bowling. All children 18 and under can bowl for free courtesy of the WCSA.

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Women's Center_228.jpg
WCSA Donation to KAOS_228.jpg

Waukesha County Snowmobilers Give Back

Snowmobilers award $500 to state and local charities

It’s an annual tradition of the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association (WCSA) to award funds to charities that are close to the hearts of area snowmobilers. This year, the WCSA and its 17 member clubs are proud to support five state and local charitable causes: The Women’s Center - Waukesha, Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs Youth KAOS program, Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS), the Multiple Sclerosis Snowmobile Tour and the Wisconsin Military Snowmobile Ride. Each charitable organization received $100 thanks to the WCSA and its 17 member clubs.

A lot of work goes into preparing Waukesha County’s 100+ miles of snowmobile trails each year.  It takes the work of hundreds of club members who volunteer thousands of hours to secure landowner permissions to allow trail access across public and private property each year, but it’s just as important to give back to the communities in which we work and play.

Snowmobile Clubs Celebrate 50th Anniversary


These clubs are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this season. Each club was founded in 1972, right during the heyday of snowmobiling here in North America. In the early '70s, there were over 100 snowmobile manufacturers. Ski-Doo was the #1 brand at the time and in 1972 approximately 575,000 sleds were sold. Compare that to today where worldwide sales are just over 130,600 sleds last year.

Back in 1972, there wasn't a trail system to snowmobile on so club members created trails for their members to ride on. They started by asking farmers/landowners for permission to create a club trail on their property. Each club had its own trail where its members could ride each winter.

Eventually, clubs started working together and connected their club's trails to create the network of trails that ultimately became the snowmobile trail system we enjoy today. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication by those founding members to get the trail system to this point. To ensure this annual winter tradition continues for the next 50 years, please join a local club and get your family involved to learn what it takes to ensure you have a trail to ride each season.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

The above quote is unforgettable advice Uncle Ben tells a young Peter Parker in the Spider-Man comics and movies, but it's also true when it comes to snowmobiling.
Today's snowmobiles are fast, powerful, and agile. With all that power at your disposal, the temptation to run through some fresh powder is sometimes hard to ignore. You decide to run your sled off-trail with much concern, but that decision can have an adverse effect.

Riding your snowmobile on Wisconsin's snowmobile trail system is a privilege and requires you to be a responsible rider. Your actions can and have resulted in landowners revoking trail access throughout Wisconsin. I'm sure you have seen the Facebook posts from clubs warning about trespassing and trail closures each winter because snowmobilers rode off-trail.

Please share the above video with those you ride with as it is our responsibility, as snowmobilers, to do whatever we can do to preserve the trails we ride on and respect the landowners for the privilege they have granted us. Also, take a moment to
review Wisconsin Snowmobile Laws before your first ride and get involved with a local snowmobile club. If we all do our part, we will continue to have a world-class trail system to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

Video "The Importance of Staying on Trails While Snowmobiling" courtesy of the International Snowmobilers Manufacturers Association,

Join the Club.jpg

Join The Club

There are over 700 individuals and families who are members of one of the 17 snowmobile clubs in Waukesha County.  Club members are snowmobile enthusiasts, like yourself, who are dedicated to promoting the sport, snowmobile safety and maintaining the trail system in Waukesha County.

The benefits of club membership are many. You'll join like-minded individuals who enjoy the sport and its continuation, membership in the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) which represents all snowmobilers on state issues, participate in club rides and activities, receive a yearly subscription to Wisconsin Snowmobile News and qualify to purchase discounted Trail Passes for each snowmobile you own.

If you snowmobile, make it a point to join a club this year. To find a club near you visit our Member Clubs page today.

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